Silver Lining

When fear turns into hope,

doors which seemed closed shut, begin to open,

blinded by the gleaming light of a brand new silver lining.

Exposing this tiny silver contour in the distance

which seemingly forever had been covered

by grim desperation and unbearable anguish,

leaving you breathless and completely overwhelmed,

Gasping for vital air

with the mind boggling urgency to cling on anything

to not collapse onto the floor and plummet

into the bottomless pit of angst and uncertainty.

Then... Silence.

Suddenly this deep buried sense in your soul

you have been taken over by something greater.

And all you "got" is the unending view

of the Infinite vastness of the unknown.

When fear turns into hope a new chapter is about to dawn.

And letting go begins.

A long overdue surrendering to the Great Universe,

trusting that everything will turn out as it supposed to.