Hair, Hair, long curly hair

July 16, 2019



Hair, hair long curly hair

hurry and grow, it's still short, it is not fair

I long for it with waves and long

and not in all directions and short but strong


Hair, hair long curly hair

hurry and grow, I can't stop to stare

I dream to get my former length back

over the shoulders and not its lack


Hair, hair long curly hair,

hurry and grow, I really do care

I try to wait and to be brave

but patience is a trait I just do not have


Hair, hair long curly hair,

I know one day, it will be back there

and I'll remember the days I was bald

and did all steps required, courageous and bold


Hair, hair long curly hair,

Its time to stop now the frustrated swear

I can't describe the gratitude I feel

for my beloved Universe and its deal


Every day I get better and I'm  fully alive

with deep rooted hope for my health to thrive!

Until then for my long curly hair

I am really grateful that I'm not still bare


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