A Cancer poem

2018 was a year to blow my mind with unexpected news, the nasty kind

When at the mirror, I felt it, soft and round I stood in shock and made no sound

Was it, what I so deeply feared I asked my image, all sadly teared

A quick call to my doctor, I so do trust she would know for sure, that was a must

She tapped and squeezed that little spot and calmed me with “nothing to worry, with what you got!”

But still she referred me to Cork for some tests and soon I was dressed in hospital vests

The waiting for results lasted over a week not one call before, not even a peek

The date of the reveal, I felt like on a wing but that changed with the news that the bump was a thing

The rarer one, the nasty one, I got the fear took over, will I heal or will I not

The surgeon with his calming voice explained he already made a choice

Out with the thing, cut and clear don’t worry, he told me, there is nothing to fear

He is a pro and knows his skill so I handed all over, accepting the pill

The result is good, yet not hundred percent and I need to be careful not to crash into descent

We need another one, to clear out the rest it'll be alright he declared, we are the Best

After that, more news were to hit, it went well, but we must take a breast, that's it

Take off? A breast? In the bin? The shock hit hard, but I trusted him

After all the procedures, a treatment plan Chemo, for the rest, said the surgeon man

Chemo? It sounds like poison shot through my veins I am struck with shock and it's fear what now reigns

4 months of needles and being wired possible side effects and constantly tired

It nearly killed me, two times in a row, then they stopped it, to not get too low

Acupuncture and support, I didn’t foresee makes my healing grow to where it should be

Before I went to Cork the very last time I said goodbye to my "boobs" with plenty of wine

Both breasts are taken now for good, which surprisingly brought me into a better mood

The chance for the cancer to come back once more is taken to an assuring low

Now it's time to rest and get better not back to the once known, but well, no matter

I thank the people who supported me with who without I don’t know where I would be

Cancer changes you, inside your soul and lets you leave things behind and the Old

But even it's good, in the here and now "HE" is observing you changing ...

and humbly I bow.