EXCERPT from You've Cat to be Kitten Me! Insights of a purrfect Cat

.... Convinced that that fluttering bastard deserved it anyway

I attempted to claw the curtain.

Unfortunately I have to tell you that with my very first endeavour, I skidded off the slippery pole and down I went.

A sharp sound of tearing cloth confirmed that my descent had been

absolutely pathetic.

In panic I tried to claw on to something, anything, which only sped up the process

of coming down even more.

Imagine that - a one time ‘Super Cat’ flailing with his arms frantically in the air

and yowling at the cheeky cloth, which started coming loose and

folding itself over my head.

The last moment saw me trying to get a grip anywhere and landing together with the fluttering cloth covering me entirely,

pitifully on my bum.

That was it! I had enough! ......