I had a dream

August 4, 2016


Down at the riverbank

where the grass caresses your feet

and the wind is humming its tune

I had a dream.... 


A dream of weathered cabins

shaped by the storms of the times

standing firm on the ground

embed in the deep soil.


Their alluring porches 

hidden under a thick blanket of 

early tinted autumn leaves,

inviting you to stay

for a cup of fresh steaming coffee or two

and a slice of homemade pie.


A dream of small glassy windows

dressed in delightful lacy curtains

waving in the breeze of the day

with its chill in the air.


A dream of wide open plains

with their creaking gates

locking in the secret tales

of the land and its people.


A dream of an old fashioned barn

lit by thousands of lights 

resembling the glow of the stars 

 upon a silent country sky

Where people gather 

after a long day work and worry

and leave it all behind

with the hat on the wrought iron hooks

at the door

and forget for a while

to the tune of a wistful fiddle in the corner.


I had a dream..

where all people come together 

for  a cup of fresh steaming coffee or two

and a slice of homemade pie

on these restful porches. 


I had a dream....

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