That's where I need to be....

....where my heart starts singing

and my whole Being shivers

in the flow of the wind.

The bold and gentle air,

caressing the raw, unforgiving land,

with its almost unbearable beauty.

Its wild and well treaded paths

leading along aged fences of weathered wood

standing strong against the forces.

Your solely companion the vast view of endless fields

laying in the dim

of the remaining light

of a hard day work.

To a place

where the horizon embraces the Earth.

The breeze creeping under your skin

the moment your feet touch the soil.

The damp ground which

nourishes the people

smiling faces,

telling stories of a hard life.

Standing firm on the ground

when every part of you is becoming one with this land.

Your eyes closed,

sensing the countless silent sounds,

the persistent rustling of the lush leaves

of ancient trees

having defied all the storms of the plains....

and your feet start growing roots.

Roots to the land

your soul was whispering to you about

in sleepless nights

for so long...

... Home