Passion of the Earth

All the other girls were jealous. They didn’t have to say it, but she knew.

Whispering around her: ”How is it, that out of all the other ones, she is the lucky one?”

The spiteful snickering behind her back didn't bother Ellie anymore. She herself could not believe her luck.

He, the tallest, shiniest and most elegant one, had chosen HER.

Stanley had lived in these planes all his life.

She remembered him from the day she was born. One reason more to be amazed, why her?

Ellie didn’t consider herself pretty, like the other girls, always turning their slimy backs to her. Her skin was not as pink, she had more wrinkles than them and she didn’t even want to start with grace.

That trait definitely did not run in her family, thats for sure.

But still; One fine wet day by the big sunflower, he approached her with his strong, erect body, slinking over the fresh smelling earth in all his elegance and Charm! Oh he was a sight thats for sure! Approaching her, not the other Girls!

The ’Garden girls’ as they called themselves, were standing together, sniggering and giggling and sending despising looks towards Ellie, who sat at the edge of the field, as usual. Just about to dig herself back home, she felt a soggy tip on the back of her tail. Convinced this was one of the nasty tricks the mean Girls often played on her, Ellie shot her head around.

And there he was, the most desired Bachelor of the land. She almost didn’t recognise him but his seductive wriggling in the shade of a giant leaf didn’t leave any room for doubt.

“Hello Ellie!” His low voice was even more intriguing than his appearance, radiating in the light. Ellie nearly choked on a piece of dirt and she knew she had to look pathetic, wet dirt sticking to her face.

Nevertheless, she put on the brightest smile she could manage and croaked:

“Hello Stanley! How are you doing?”

How are you doing? Ellie felt even more insignificant now as well as her face getting red.

“I am fine, princess,” he replied in his manly voice “ now as I see you, I feel my heart is flying!” A bit of earth in her throat made her embarrassed snigger turn into a vigorous cough and she was afraid she would throw up in front of him.

Thank god she didn't, instead her eyes had watered up.

But with his deep glance fixed on her, he rustled:

“Your eyes are so beautiful like a warm rainy morning!” He slithered closer to her so she could almost grasp his masculine scent. Ellie gasped for air and just longed to sink into the earth, but that didn't stop Stanley.

”If I look any longer in your deep brown eyes, I will drown into the depth of your soul!” More giggling, thank god no choking this time. Pheww.

His moist skin virtually touched her now and she could sense his breath in her thunderstruck face.

“I came to take you, Ellie. To a place where you will grow wings!” The enticement became unbearable.

Now there was definitely touching and Ellie was about to faint.

“Ok..” she panted, shaking a little bit on her spot. For a second she wondered about the level of piteousness she might reach, fainting in front of this marvellous creature with dirt stuck all over her.

But there was no time. His smooth body pushed her gently backwards. Ellie swallowed her startle. More nudging and she stumbled. Don’t fall over, no embarrassing stuff this time, she hissed at herself. Not now, Ellie, NOT NOW!

The last thing she noticed, before she was pushed into her den, was the garden girls standing together, speechless with ripped open eyes and mouths. But there was no time for triumph as suddenly it went dark and she tumbled head over heels into the moisture of the dark earth. She wanted to scream, but his strong body pressed against her, made it impossible for her to express only one single sound.

The next she could remember was, tip touching, hot breath, steamy bodies wrapped around each other and sounds she only heard the Garden girls sniggering about. Heat swelled up in every single of her segments and she felt her body twitching out of control and screaming for more. “Oh Stanley!” she gasped. “yes, Stanley!” winding her shivering self tightly around his muscular body. To her amazement, he didn’t speak one word. There was only gasping, groaning and moaning around her. And the feeling of his strong wrinkly skin smacking against hers.

Ellie threw her head back overwhelmed by the intensity of her desire, groaned one last time, when she felt something wet and sticky entering her aroused body. All of a sudden the tumult came to an abrupt halt and she felt let loose. She shook her head which hurt slightly from bumping it continuously on the walls of her den. When Ellie came back to herself, all she could spot was the tip of a pink tail slithering towards the light.

She felt the urge to call his name, but she didn’t.

So, that’s what Love feels like? She had to admit, that it was a bit different as she had imagined but on the other hand she felt.... a woman now.

Ellie threw her head back sensing the last remaining drops of sweat run down her body. Mhhh, She could not deny that Stanley was a master in his field and she closed her eyes. Dreaming of the names she would give her offsprings.

Love is good, she whispered before falling into a deep serene sleep.