Dust lingering

cloudy haze

raising up

from a place only the shadows know

Deep inside

countless broken pieces scattered

on the faint of the soul

covering it with the taste of despair


the haunting sound of

antiquated tales.

long out of date

cutting deep in your flesh

in every fibre of your Being

Restless nights

shaken by harrowing sounds,

bittersweet smells

the rancorous taste of a time burnt in your memory

A long time gone

always present

like a grim heavy cloud

over the fresh clear foam

of the bright blue vastness of the ocean

Dawn of a new day

with the scent of the clear pure breeze

of rebirth

the End of dark haunting nights

Deep breath of relief

feeling light

like the fresh breeze of the wind

over the water

Salty tears

soothing the tortured shell

of the broken spirit

Closing the portal

to your Soul

for the Ghost of the past

to let go.