A not so scary story

So I am sitting here and am supposed to write a scary story. Well where do I start?

I could tell a day in the life of a single parent with a pre teen. Or the typical “ Woman drive, get lost, wow, woods, deserted wooden cottage with a light on whoo whoo so spooky, meeting no one but only sense cold air on your skin bla bla bla..” kind of story. Oh yea sure. So sitting in front of the black keyboard of my Macbook and staring on the white empty screen. Tapping my fingers on the cool metal part of the laptop and trying hard to concentrate. The screaming of my little tom cat on our garden wall distracts me again and I sigh. Jesus how will I ever get to a story which makes the reader shiver to his bones? The idea that I have to clean my house, and oh yeah I do, that scares the shit out of me but then that would NOT catch a reader.

Back to tapping.

Thank god the growling of my little tom has stopped so now the other one comes up to me and cuddles OF COURSE on my lap so I can not reach the keys anymore.

Not so scary either.

Oh howling in the background. Somewhere in the estate I guess. Is that the little shitty dog a few houses down who always growls at you when you pass even when you smile at him and throw a few friendly words towards him. “ Oh your a cutie, aren’t you a good boy?”

Well he is NOT but then what are you supposed to say as an animal lover to a dog who really LOOKS cute… That howling could start me a story right? Tap tap.. click click. The first letters appear on the white page. Then a louder clack of the space bar and the cursor races back and devours every written letter nom nom. Great.

How did Paul Sheldon the writer in Misery do it, write and write and dang there is the book? No bloody Idea. That was a real scary story. Real, very psychological and well Kathy Bates she is awesome anyway no matter which role she plays.

Where am I now? Thinking about a movie instead of concentrating on my own masterpiece

to be.

I am staring AGAIN on the white page of my computer with the cursor shivering. At least he trembles. Its like he is impatient to get the GO for racing across the lines. Ok Ok I am coming. Nearly there. Who am I kidding, no bloody idea.

Well its Sunday you are not supposed to have any ideas on Sunday right. Yes! I found an excuse. Still blinking that cursor though.

It doesn’t help that its daylight and of course now the sun comes out. Thanks.

Maybe I should think about something which really scared me as the tip to write something about your phobias -Woods, getting lost in the woods. Has been told. Many times – na doesn’t work for me.

What else am I afraid of, what really freaks me out? Heights? No I love heights. Spiders?

I love all kind of animals. Well if this hairy crawly is too big I do not ask for his number of course.

Having to get up in the early morning. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But that is something I really really hate. That goes so far that the night before I have sweaty dreams or toss and turn in my bed feeling being haunted by a huge hour hand of an evil laughing clock. That could be a good base for story for Halloween. Maybe. Being in my bed, cuddled up in my soft down duvet and something seems to bother me in my sleep. I turn and toss and draw the duvet even tighter around me and then suddenly my eyes get ripped open. And next to me a grim face with a huge smirk. A clock and the big number 6 flashing like mad reminding me I have only 6 hours, 5, 4 … to sleep. And don’t forget the evil laughing.

Well I write and write and always end up smiling or getting Disney Ideas in my head. I try to imagine that horrifying clock and it turns into Cogsworth – that awkward English desk clock of the Beauty and the Beast and best friend of Lumiere the candle holder.

Ok ok I give up.

Next year.

Another halloween.

Another Holiday I really don’t like.

Next year.

I promise.