Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world!

A place where your voice is heard and counted

when everywhere else angst and silence is the only language known and allowed

where you can say NO

when complying and conforming is the common ground, the only ground

where you can dance in the Rain on the Street at 3am with open arms and jump in every puddle of rain with your full heart

while the people passing are rushing crouched under an umbrella of groan and moan

where the crooked notes from deep inside, sung out loud just make the melody

for a better world

and don’t have to remain an unsung tune just because you are told thats not what you should supposed to do

where a swinging high competition with your child on the of the playground will be cheered on

and not eyes rolling covers your wild soul like a gloomy heavy blanket

Where your spirit and ideas can soar, creating a colourful design in the sky

where colours start with all vibrant shades of your imagination

and compose your own extraordinary rainbow

wherever you find yourself, your unique wonderfulness

– celebration!

where you can be YOU!!!!