by Christine

June 11, 2016

The words are emerging

revealing themselves

in sounds unspoken

from the depth of her soul.

Mother, Daughter

Human Being.

Drawers dissolve

limits disperse.

Open space,

golden, purple void


non existent.

Ceasing to hide behind

fluttering gauzy drapes.

Feeling the courage ste...

June 11, 2016

Dust lingering

cloudy haze

raising up 

from a place only the shadows know

Deep inside

countless broken pieces scattered

on the faint of the soul

covering it with the taste of despair


the haunting sound of 

antiquated  tales.

long out of date

cutting deep in your flesh


February 17, 2016

 It’s only February but I feel its even middle of the year. I am already exhausted, not really but I already feel my strength strained.

It is a weird strange feeling really. Standing on a crossroad, two paths. Standing there scraping my foot in the gravel. Feeling tense...

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