by Christine

August 11, 2016

Where the leaves on wispy twigs almost brush the sky

where the soul of ancient trees on endless plains rule the rhythm of your daily life

where stars dance to the tune of the silent humming of the night

where the vastness of the horizon leaves you breathless for a while


August 4, 2016

Down at the riverbank

where the grass caresses your feet

and the wind is humming its tune

I had a dream.... 

A dream of weathered cabins

shaped by the storms of the times

standing firm on the ground

embed in the deep soil.

Their alluring porches 

hidden under a thick blanket of...

June 11, 2016


came in.

Turned my life

inside out.

Then the

outside in

takes over

A glance

wide open

a sound

too many.

Too much out

forgotten in

and depth.

Every day

a step


on the path

of  Oblivion






and not




I hope.

June 11, 2016

You arrived yesterday night
for your passing over
in the thought and presence of
people who really care
no matter what
no matter who u tried to show
people who really cherish you,
the Real YOU
and sense that you need
a passing over of freedom
feel of the strength and s...

June 11, 2016

I wish we would have known each other more

and less

I wish our souls would have been allowed

to connect some more

I wish the mirror we had in between us

would not have misted up

and showed a blurry reflection

of our soul our image

which we thought is real

We met,

we saw,

we conne...

June 11, 2016

Neptune Neptune you planet,

milky blue shiny transparent

floating weightless,

so airy and yet so dense on our lives.

Remote in the depth of the universe


but still so visible.

Mist, Fog


not being able to see clear ,

tapping around

and nothing to hold on to

slippery s...

June 11, 2016

Past notions

engraved in stone,

deep inside.

No place for butterflies.

Caged in,

wounded wisps on their ornamented wings.

Incapable of reaching out of the cage

desperate attempts to grasp

the depth and the endless seeming wideness of the sky.

Cries nobody is able to hear


June 11, 2016

Welcome to my world!

A place where your voice is heard and counted

when everywhere else angst and silence is the only language known and allowed

where you can say NO

when complying and conforming is the common ground, the only ground

where you can dance in the Rain on the S...

June 11, 2016

The wind comes from the west,

boldly humming his tale of weathered old cottages

staring onto the glassy surface of the cold Atlantic sea

and mushy white and black sheep grazing on

wide luscious pastures of my beloved green Isle.

The leafy little spot hidden behind an overpo...

June 11, 2016

The water throwing back the reflection

of a past dusty and bitter tasting

still very alive in the being of yourself

Hiding in the dense foliage of your fears or stepping out on the bridge of rebirth

Where the air is fresh and carries the scent of brightness

and relief.Jun...

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