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© 2015 by Christine Klein  @ http://crafteweb1.myfreesites.net

by Christine

August 11, 2016

Where the leaves on wispy twigs almost brush the sky

where the soul of ancient trees on endless plains rule the rhythm of your daily life

where stars dance to the tune of the silent humming of the night

where the vastness of the horizon leaves you breathless for a while


August 4, 2016

Down at the riverbank

where the grass caresses your feet

and the wind is humming its tune

I had a dream.... 

A dream of weathered cabins

shaped by the storms of the times

standing firm on the ground

embed in the deep soil.

Their alluring porches 

hidden under a thick blanket of...

July 29, 2016

....where my heart starts singing 

and my whole Being shivers

 in the flow of the wind. 

The bold and gentle air, 

caressing the raw, unforgiving land, 

with its almost unbearable beauty. 

Its wild and well treaded paths 

leading along aged fences of weathered wood


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