by Christine

May 16, 2017

... When tears express what words can’t say

and the soul becomes saturated

with unspoken ache burning deep,

abiding void...

Subsiding emotions

because you have made yourself home

in the anguish of an existence in invisible chains

leaving behind a shell,

hollow and empt...

March 10, 2017

... visions transform into heartbeats

dreams into warm showers of contentment

fantasies into a sea of colours and

illusions into longings beyond bearing.

Then dreams are growing wings and

the clear sky becomes tainted

with the insistent shades of a yearning soul,


February 16, 2017



edgy swirls 

cutting into my deep

churning the inside of 

the buried being

Bruises of an endless quest

sores of everlasting yearnings

scars of unanswered questions

wounds of agonizing persistence


blood red like the anguish

of the soul


poison of the God...

January 16, 2017

Four walls, a door... 

In the strong grip

of the void

Open door,



What use is an open door,

if you don't know where to go...

January 16, 2017

Inhaling the fragrance

of the incense

and my dreams

make their way towards you

Luscious sweetness saturates the air

a firm embrace of your strong arms

the soft stroke of your hands on my skin...

the insatiable touch of your lips

When I wake up the scent has subsided,


January 16, 2017

Sometimes in Autumn

when leaves are swirling down 

from trees

it feels like dreams, 

coming adrift,




flying away,

taking a piece of life with them

a little bit of dying ...

How could I endure it

without knowing 

 the rebirth of a new spring

allowing, fresh le...

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