Christine Klein was born

in a small town in the

South of Germany, where she grew up between little untouched villages, fields and lots of animals. 

From an early age, she grew two passions, animals and writing. 

In her memory she was always writing, instead of doing her homework. 

German was Christine’s first writing language and most of her work is still in her native tongue. Through living in different countries like Greece and now Ireland she started writing also

in foreign languages.

It took all kinds of pets, a huge collection of German poetry and short stories, 28 moves, a short lived marriage as a stepping stone to move forward, an avid bookworm of a daughter and

the feeling of being stripped of the unnecessary to finally figure out her calling -

Writing and rescuing cats. 

Now Christine’s Home is scenic Kerry in the Southwest of Ireland, where she is currently living with her daughter and her three cats






’You’ve Cat to be Kitten me!’ is Christine’s debut book and available on amazon

as paperback and kindle version.








On March 30th 2018

big news hit me.

I was diagnosed with the scariest but most healing sign

from the Universe:

Triple negative Breast Cancer.

For me personally a huge inner journey more than anything else.

And with this a huge yearning arose in me to put my journey and experience on paper to hopefully not only inspire as many women as possible, but to give hope to women that you can "do" it even completely on your own as I was!

No supportive partner, no compassionate family or friends

as in the most Hollywood movies, but completely out of your own amazing yet unknown strength!

And to try to have a look at the scary Cancer a bit differently, which in my eyes is long overdue!


Breast Cancer and Spirituality-

an inner journey


A raw and honest glance in the most spiritual complex disease 

out there.

I am currently working on turning my blog into a book which is scheduled to be published

in 2020.


Christine Klein
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